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Project Amal ou Salam’s next workshops will be in Lebanon26-31 August.

We’ve become a lot more than just a programme. I think we’ve become a movement of people who share the same beliefs and share the same ideology. You’re always thinking what can I offer to Syria? I think Project Amal ou Salam is giving people a way to take their own expertise and give that to the kids. Which is so refreshing and rewarding.

(Nousha Kabawat, founder&director)

If you want to join our movement and work with our team and with the Children of Syria, apply by sending an email to with your CV and a motivation letter. Make sure you tell us:

  • how you heard about us
  • why you want to volunteer with us
  • what you think you can bring to Project Amal ou Salam and our children

Deadline’s 15 July.

Twice a year, around 30 international volunteers gather from all over the world to join Project Amal ou Salam and the Children of Syria in working for peace.

We organise five volunteer-run workshops for kids aged 5 to 14: arts, music, photography, sports and health. Click here to learn more about our workshops.

Keep spreading the love! ♥

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