Fundraise for Project Amal ou Salam

Thank you for your interest in donating to Project Amal ou Salam! We are currently fundraising for our next workshops.

No matter your background, it’s easy to help! By fundraising for Project Amal ou Salam, you’re helping to raise awareness about our work and directly supporting the children of Syria. We’ve put together a few ideas below and will be happy to offer advice as you plan your fundraiser. Just email to request a speaker for your event or ask questions about fundraising for us.

Clubs and Community Groups

Screen a movie about the crisis facing Syrian refugees (ask us for recommendations!)

Hold a bake sale or silent auction

Sell tickets for a cocktail party or other function

College Students

Organize a sports tournament or walk/run where each team or participant has a fundraising goal

Host an open mic night and charge admission (check out our volunteer Chandra’s comedy fundraiser for inspiration!)

Hold a concert or “Battle of the Bands” (check out our volunteer Kevin’s concert for inspiration!)

Young Professionals

Host a charity happy hour at your favorite bar

Hold a fundraising night at a local restaurant that will donate a percentage of its profits

Challenge your co-workers to donate the money they would have spent on their morning lattes for a week – celebrate together on Friday!


Inform your friends and family about the humanitarian crisis in Syria and ask them to support Project Amal ou Salam

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